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Special Security

Check your current for open ports which may be used by bad guys.

Check to see if your website has been hacked

Scan a website for malware

See if your email address has been involved in a security breach

Stolen Password

Facebook Security Check

Free on-line virus scanner

Free on-line security check-ups

Website vulnerabilty scanner

Scan your site (Observatory)

Google Security Checkup

Site scanning is a term associated with website’s security. It is the process in which a particular site is checked for any kind of problem occurrence in it. The process is done to know whether the site contains any malfunction or not. Scan site for malware detection is an old, yet very useful method for the detection of any problem.

What are the Common website Vulnerabilities?

Any WordPress website or simply site can undergo these vulnerability problem. Check them out here –

Site hacking –
There are hackers present all around in the internet. You just have to be very alert form them if you want your site to be safe. This makes it the very first reason to perform different scanning techniques.

Security misconfiguration –
The hackers try their best to get the site security details, including the server, platform, framework and back end database. Hackers can change the important informations if any security isn’t applied on the site.

Broken authentication –
These are the website authority and session management vulnerabilities, usually occurs because of unprotected authentication credentials. These need to be secured on proper basis, as any problem may cause data loss like problems.

SQL Injection –  
This is a common website hacking technique which is used by the malicious attackers to hack the site. They put the malicious code in the SQL statement of a webpage, and as a result can hack the information in the site’s database server.  

(Excerpt from Why Scan Site for Malware Detection is Important and How it Can be Done? By Blogvault Staff | Dec 6, 2017 | Security |)
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