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Remote Control

Click to download Teamviewer from their website.
Install choosing Basic Installation.
Personal Non-commercial use.
Copy the ID and password displayed into the chat.

Teamviewer Version v14.7.13736
Click to download Ultraviewer and then install.
Copy the ID and password displayed into the chat.

The software you will be installing, will allow Richard Cunha of COMPTU to access your computer system to assist you in resolving your issues. Once done, Richard will prevent Teamviewer from starting up automatically on your computer to further protect your system. This means that Richard will no longer be able to access your computer unless you launch the program and then call or email us your ID and Password numbers from either Teamviewer or Ultraviewer.

I may occasionally step away from the desk.  Please be patient. I am bound to come back and finish what I have started

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