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Before going out and buying a MacBook, check this out first: Here's why I'm officially quitting Apple Laptops

Apple had its day but I don't think they'll get it back anytime soon.  Here is why: Apple: It's Good If You Like CR*P



Here, you will find recommended computer systems. These systems range in prices to meet your needs. Remember, it's really not the name that matters. It's what's under the hood that matters. I recommend Intel systems but if you are on a budget, then AMD will work. When it comes to an Intgel processor, never go with anyting less than an I5 Processor. I recommend 8GB of RAM. I recommend solid state drives especially if it is a laptop. I do not update this part of the site often. So, if you find  dead link or two, please be understanding.

(For the travelor)
(Most bang for the buck)
(Very Expensive)
(Intel - Most bang for the buck)

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