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2018-05-05 08:01:34
Great work, great man. Rick is very knowledgeable, always honest, and extremely friendly. He took the time to explain what the problem was, how it was fixed, and even how to prevent it from happening again. Wouldn't take my computer to anyone else
Phyllis Duncan
2018-04-30 14:24:03
Dear Rich:

Thank you so very much for all the love you put in in getting my new computer installed. I feel so special. Even the Family Treemaker is the latest version and came across great. And having the Bible so neatly and easy to read is so special. I did my week’s lesson already. Thanks Thanks Thanks
Angelina Jones
2018-04-30 08:45:55
Thank you for the help you are always willing to give with computer issues.
Naomi Truitt
2018-04-29 19:13:11
Quick service. Keeps wonderful and polite company. Explains what he's doing if you'd like to hear. actually solves the problem and helps you along the way. Thanks Mr. C.!
Diane D.
2018-04-28 18:03:43
Thank you so much for getting things running. Your service is appreciated and made a significant impact on the quality of life. Now my elderly mother can look at her family pictures again and email family members. We are so thankful for your effort!
dennis nelson
2018-04-27 09:04:34
thank u for all your help
Phillip B Chute
2018-04-26 18:56:27
Thank you for providing our personal and office computers with an excellent service for many years. Your professionalism is commendable and your expertise in your field of work is outstanding.
Cathy Barr
2018-04-25 19:50:19
Thank you so much for taking care of our computer.
It has been a LONG time since anything was done.
You do an excellent job, very professional and you get
it done RIGHT.
Many thanks
Mary Lohre
2018-04-24 17:12:16
Best in the business!! Knowledgeable, caring, timely!
curt schneider
2018-04-24 16:10:28
best ever!!!!!!!
Joanna Spiller
2018-04-24 15:13:21
Rick has been my computer expert since 2001 when I finally got a computer. Any time I run into trouble, he is there to help. He is an expert in the computer business and it's great to have his expertise. .
Mark Nelson
2018-04-24 07:47:06
The best computer tech you'll ever find for software and hardware.
matthew turner
2018-04-23 21:55:02
Still the Best deal in town.
Richard Tucker
2018-04-23 20:42:39
Thanks Rick for always being there. There is nothing more frustrating for we non techies than computer problems. I don't look forward to my next computer problem but when it happens I will know where to go as I have for many years. Your the best.
2018-04-20 12:57:14
Rick is the my go to guy for any and all computer needs.
I have known him for 20+ years and would highly recommend him. His professionalism and knowledge is second to none. Thank You for all your help throughout the years.
2018-04-19 10:11:45
A fantastic group (Comptu) to work with. Very knowledgeable and quick responses. One of the best.
God Bless
M. Barton
2018-04-18 17:29:46
Rick provides outstanding service, is exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely
I have used Comptu services for the past 14 years and would recommend this company to anyone needing computer assistance.
shirley Dagostino
2018-04-17 13:19:51
Rick has been my computer guy for more than 15 years and I wouldn't trade him for the world. He has done so many favors for me and kept me up to date with my computer always. Thank you Rick, you're the best.
2018-04-17 13:07:55
Rick is the most technically savvy person I know. He is the best.
Paul Milano
2018-04-13 22:03:26
Rick does incredible work, and his prices are awesome !!
Marianne Segobia
2018-04-13 16:53:34
Great technical support, fast response and personalized service!
Terry Loy
2018-04-13 14:28:04
Thanks Rick for everything you have done for us and our computers. So many times we felt helpless with who to trust with fixing our computers and along came Rick our "White Knight"
I don't remember how many years ago you started servicing our computers, but we have had less problems ever since. With our regular computer check-ups we really feel safe from scammers. Inga and I thank you very much for your services.
God Bless
Beverly Davis
2018-04-13 09:08:29
Rick was patient and addressed all the issues concerning the computer.
2018-04-12 16:30:01
Thank you for all that you do for the office to make sure we reach maximum efficiency. Don't know what we would do without you!
Dorothy Griswold
2018-04-10 16:35:07
Thank you for trying so hard to get my phone going again. I'm putting your name up for Sainthood. The
Apple people called me today and they think they will have my phone back on line by tomorrow afternoon. God bless you Richard, your kindness overwhelmed me. Sincerely Dorothy Griswold
Dorothy Griswold
2018-04-10 16:29:59
The good Lord has blessed you with a huge amount of patience and kindness. I for one am most appreciative. The Apple people called me and they think they can have this phone fixed by tomorrow after noon. Thanks for everything. Sincerely, Dorothy Griswold

William E Miller
2018-04-09 14:55:49
Thank you for your help today. I will try and listen to my niece.
Debra H Griffith
2018-04-09 14:54:14
Thank you for your help today. I will try and keep my uncle from messing things up
Bruce Bonde
2018-04-08 20:14:50
Richard does a great job working on computers remotely, He has worked on Computers for Gold Coast Survey, Inc. for over a year.

Bruce Bonde, VP
Sarah Voigt
2018-04-06 07:30:46
I thought I knew computers and how to safely set them up until we met Richard. Richard takes the time to teach, show, and explain things to you. He makes himself accessible and is patient with the most difficult and stubborn of clients. We look forward to continuing to build our life, in safety, due his help.

Thank you.
Rodney, Sarah, & Jared
Betty King
2018-04-04 17:00:05
Rick has been handling all my computer updates,
transferring old computer information to a new computer
and most recent rid my computer of a Ransomware
infection. Rick handled them all with my complete
Franco Pepperizzi
2018-04-03 09:11:59
Trust Richard 100% He is efficient and knowledgeable.
Geoffrey and Kara Paulson
2018-03-31 10:41:54
Thank You Mr. Richard Cunha for all your help and support. COMPTU went above and beyond to repair our computer. COMPTU has solutions. We will be sure to utilize the services at COMPTU in the future. Thank you again.
Galen Thurner
2018-03-29 20:55:37
I have been going to Richard for at least 10 years for computer issues as well as annual service. The programs he uses are amazing and if you just follow his steps in between services, your computer should remain virus free. I run my business from this PC and it is important that I trust my computer with someone who understands my needs and how quick I need my PC back should I have to bring it too him.
Lorraine Lafferty
2018-03-29 14:30:41
You have saved me from disaster several times. Today I had a bogus threat from "Microsoft". You assured me it was a farce. Thank you
Sylvia Beeman
2018-03-29 08:38:45
Thank God for Rick! He has saved us from computer problems time and time again. He has maintained our computers for well over 10 years and has done a marvelous job in keeping us up to date and virus free. The best part is he is very trustworthy as well as an expert.
Dora Wood
2018-03-28 10:47:49
Comp-Tu Computer Service is truly the best!! I have never written a review but when looking for Comp-Tu's address I saw that there are other computer repair companies that sound similar. Do not let the others fool you, Rick at Comp-Tu is honest, quick and reliable. Comp-Tu is the only service I trust to work on my computers at home and at the office. When it comes to allowing someone to have access to your very personal information, please be selective. Select Rick at Comp-Tu Computer Service.
bill rice
2018-03-26 14:02:02
Rick, without you I think we would be totally lost when it comes to this computer business . You are the best and THANK YOU for being there when we need you. You are a true friend in every way BILL
2018-03-26 13:52:49
You have been my Life Saver so many times! Thank you for being there.
Kathy Barachkov
2018-03-23 16:50:08
We have known Rick for about 10 years now. He has worked on several of our computers and we have been extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of his work. You will be hard pressed to find a guy with more knowledge or professionalism than you will find in Rick. If you are looking for an honest, quality, knowledgeable computer guy, you will find that and more in Rick Cunha!!
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