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2018-09-29 19:36:52
Richard has always done a great job. always gives more than expected . Thank you so much.
Bradley Fraser
2018-09-28 18:28:41
Richard has once again exceeded my expectations. Been bringing my computer issues to him for years. Not only is he very generous with his time - this guy knows his stuff.
2018-09-26 12:57:10
Richard, I love your heart and your ministry!
Karla Magee
2018-09-24 14:45:12
Rick was So helpful and very patient with me. I can't thank you enough for helping me out!! It makes me feel good to know if there ever is a problem Rick is just a phone call away.
2018-09-21 12:36:52
I've never known someone to be so thorough and so diligent! Richard worked on my laptop until all the issues were resolved. Philippians 4:13 says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Richard does amazing work, with all things through Christ!
Jerry B
2018-09-20 15:54:34
In my 69 years on this planet I can safely say I have never met anyone quite like Rick. His computer knowledge and skill is second to none I have ever seen or heard of. What I find most amazing is his eagerness to spread the word of God. In an age when this topic is usually avoided because of ridicule, scorn or reprisal, Rick is emboldened to do what he must do. I asked him if he was afraid of business backlash from being so outspoken about Jesus, the Gospel, the Bible and salvation etc.; and, he told me, “COMPTU wasn’t his business. It used to be but I gave it back to God and it is all His. I just work for Him at His pleasure. He may call me home and close up His business whenever He likes. However, I will always be in His service for whatever purpose he asks of me. And by the way, His retirement plan is way better than anything on this planet. Wanna hear about it?” It is obvious who it is he is serving.
2018-09-19 14:15:45
Rick was so kind and helpful! He went above and beyond to explain what we needed and provided links to download and set up our VPN. COMPTU will be the first call I make for all of our computer needs!! Thank you so very much Rick, excellent customer service!
Mary C.
2018-09-19 12:32:43
This is a Christian run IT company. Rick helped me in more ways than anyone could imagine. While taking care of my laptops, which he repaired perfectly, he cared about me and my spiritual needs. He has been instrumental in leading me back to church, fellowship and ultimately to a relationship with Jesus. Unbelievable! He walks the walk he talks and knows his stuff and I don't mean just computer stuff. He kept going back to scriptures as he serviced my computer and I was convicted. Thank you for your testimony and your faithfulness in being led by the spirit.
Joen Lenz
2018-09-17 13:50:04
Thank you so much, Rick. Totally satisfying experience having you fix & upgrade my PC. All dealings in my life should be this pleasant. Joen

2018-09-07 17:05:34
Richard is the best!
Cary S.
2018-09-07 15:20:38
Once again my friend and brother Rich has kept me going and in business by removing fatal Malware from my computer (and it was software he installed that caught it so I knew it in time to address it and call on Rich). This is a man who serves Christ and his community through consistent, diligent, and unwavering attention to your needs as a member of the community, and as a businessman.
Thank you Rich!!! God bless you and your family!!!
Phillip B Chute
2018-09-02 13:47:53
A very reliable service my business always gets from Comptu. On a Saturday when their office was closed, I had to call for an urgent remedy to remove a virus from my computer. I was not disappointed and for this, I was very grateful.
nina scotti
2018-08-31 17:41:48
Comptu is the only one! I have been working with them for over 10 years and they have always fixed my problems with my computers. They are also available to answer any questions i might have. I wouldn't even think of using anyone else. I completely trust them with my confidential material. Honest, reliable and easy to work with. They are the best!
Gene Brown
2018-08-29 15:39:37
You have been my computer tech for over twenty years.I am very happy with your service and and have enjoyed our relationship.You are the best.
Franco Pepe
2018-08-22 17:35:51
Thanks for helping my friend Roger.
joe Vaira
2018-08-16 12:31:13
Thanks so much for your time and advice. With guys like you even a 78 year old can learn something new.
John G Marman
2018-08-14 18:55:39
It"s a joy to have Rick work on our computers. Always fantastic service and advice
2018-08-13 18:53:06
Awesome work!
Sherry Beth Reiter
2018-08-08 13:14:12
I have been using Rick and Comp-tu for almost 20 years. He is always there to help, aid, and provide fantastic service.

BTW, the first time I called him, he had to turn me down. He said, "well, you see, we just had a baby and I am going to the hospital today to bring my new family home."

He came the next Monday right at 9 a.m. He is one of the jewels of Canyon Lake.

Maria Espinoza
2018-08-07 16:38:11
Highly recommended man!
Pat Whelan
2018-08-04 19:19:39
Richard is the real deal! He is extremely knowledgeable and is a true consummate professional. He is very meticulous and does not leave any chance for error. What you get is the best in the business at a bargain!
Lane McKellar
2018-08-03 12:47:46
Rick is a great support for computer issues. Had a computer crash on us in middle of tax season. He had us back up and running with full retrieval of info within 24 hours. Awesome!!! thank you!
Tiffany McDaniel
2018-08-02 14:02:50
Best computer guy I know. More than reasonable price and the most complete work I've seen.
Dawn Haggerty
2018-08-01 19:30:49
This man is incredible and aweome. He is so good and helpful at fixing my problems and so patient with me (an old codger).!
2018-07-30 18:06:58
A very reliable service you get from this company owned by Richard Cunha. He does what he says and accomplishes them with so much skill and precision. He has been my husband's business tech person for many years. He makes computer problems so easy to fix remotely. Personally speaking, he is a no non-sense person; efficient, organized, and tough. I believe that his Christian attitude that he incorporates with his work is exceptional.
Hank H Greer
2018-07-30 12:01:16
Saves the day again! Thanks for jumping on a call with me so quickly and taking care of the issues at hand.
2018-07-27 17:32:00
A phenominal Christian man who serviced my computers remotely and spoke to me about Jesus the whole time over the phone. He answered questions I always had about the bible, christianity, God and everything else. He explained to me about salvation and now I get it. Oh, and he did a really good job on my computers too! He is really that good at what he does. A true "multi-tasker" who loves God and wants everyone to love God too.
Patty Lower
2018-07-25 18:35:56
This is to state that Rick always goes above and beyond to
correct my dumb mistakes and never is critical. I can
honestly say that you can find no one more honest.
He deserves this 5 star rating
Gary Lower
2018-07-25 18:32:38
A big thank you to you,Rick. You are always available
to fix our messes.
Also, your love of God carries to those who need your
expertise and guidance.
2018-07-25 14:58:39
What you did for my computer was nothing short of fantastic. What you did for me personally and spiritually is beyond words. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.
Lorrie J
2018-07-25 14:27:16
Thanks again.
David Balch
2018-07-23 12:38:24
Great service and very reasonable.
Daniel B
2018-07-22 19:08:15
An amazing Christian. He actually demonstrates by his words and actions what he says he is. Spent several hours working on my computer and answered all of my spiritual issue questions as if right out of the bible. He did this straight off of the top of his head while he serviced my computer and never missed a beat. I received what I know are godly responses to my very serious life issues. I will now go back to church with a much more rich understanding of what it is all about. Thank you Mr Rick. I have never known such patience and kindness coming from one person. I maybe shouldn't even say this but he didn't even charge me. He said he knew why I called him and that the computer issue was only a means by which we would talk. That there were more important things than computers and money and costs. Really? Wow! Thank you! As a student with very limited funds, that really meant a lot to me.
2018-07-21 20:53:00
dear Richard thank you so much for your professionalism and expertise in taking care of my computer. It was a pleasure meeting you and I'm glad Franco suggested to call you. In the future if I have any other computer problems I will be sure to call you and recommend you to any of my friends. THANKS AGAIN ROGER D.
2018-07-21 20:50:15
Thank you. You are fantastic!
Tommie Segobia
2018-07-21 19:10:35
Had a damaged laptop screen that needed to be replaced. It was fixed in a timely manner and an extremely fair price!
Becky P
2018-07-21 16:13:52
Mr. Cunha is honest in his work. Will do his best to help and will tell you when he cannot - no charge when he can't.
2018-07-21 13:52:09
Godly and inspirational: leading me to the Lord while all the while servicing my computer.
Judith Davis
2018-07-20 10:16:09
not only are they excellent, they explain what they see in such a way we can understand.
matthew turner
2018-07-19 15:53:30
Always there to help in crisis, which I have on a regular basis, As I tell Richard "If it works, so do I".
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