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Cynthia Jacobs
23 Nov 2020
Richard you are the best. Always have come to you for problems and you have always made it so easy. Appreciate you patience with a computer nerd. Thanks for all your help.
Lavenda Saunders
18 Nov 2020
A fellow Grateful Believer here and what a pleasure it was to meet another one when I met Richard. From the moment we met, we were able to rejoice knowing that the other was also a Believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Love of Jesus just flows from him through his conversation and his work. How beautiful it is to encounter the love and blessing of Jesus through one who though would be a stranger, especially in today's time. I pray that God continue to Bless him through the lives he touches via his work.
16 Nov 2020
This man is a scholar and a gentleman. We are so happy to have met Rich. He knows his business; no puns; no garbage and is as honest as Abe Lincoln. Thank you sooooo much for your valuable information. Oxox Mary
16 Nov 2020
thank you, everything you have done for me and my family has been remarkable and a pleasure, I love how passionate you are about God, Richard is amazing at what he does and very calm, and makes things less confusing when it comes to technology. Thank you so much for everything you do.
13 Nov 2020
Thank you. Your passionate position is always on the side of God. I can only hope people will listen to the warnings you have been putting out there for all of us. This is what it looks like when at war with an enemy who is relentless and appears as an angel of light. It's hard to tell the difference between a good and a bad church. Thanks for looking out for us, both with our computers and also with our spiritual questions.
Platinum Plumbing
09 Nov 2020
Rick is always very very helpful. I am very grateful for the time he devotes to solving our computer issues for our business!! THANK YOU!!!!
Roberta Brown
09 Nov 2020
Richard is fantastic: extremely knowledgeable and kind.
He is very patient with non-computer clients and keeps our computer system protected from the BAD GUYS!! I highly recommend him!!
Patricia Church
30 Oct 2020
Called the cable guy several times and he came out and it only worked for a little while. Rick fixed my router problem with no problem. Cable guys were confused and even didn't know how to fix it well, they even said that. Always had top performance with Rick
Leon E Sherman
29 Oct 2020
I can't thank Rick enough for all the help he has given me. I am a complete dummy when it comes to computers. I didn't grow up in the computer age and had to use them in the last few working years. I appreciate all of his help when it comes to updating the computer. Thanks Rick for everything.
Mickey Bates
29 Oct 2020
Year after year Richard keeps our computer running and up-to-date and in safe order and we so appreciate him! He and his wife Therese are wonderful examples of people working for the Lord and we love them very much. Thank you Richard for all your hard work and for letting us call you every time we can’t figure something out. You guys are the best God bless you
Diane Schwind
28 Oct 2020
I will be forever grateful for the time Richard gave to me. Truly someone I will recommend to others. Thank You
28 Oct 2020
I was having problems with my VPN but Rick fixed the problem quickly while taking the time to explain everything. After fixing the main problem he fixed of some other things that I needed done and took the time to clean my computer, Rick is very nice and understands computers--I would recommend him to anyone.
27 Oct 2020
Very knowledgeable and very helpful.
Always does a good job for me.
27 Oct 2020
Rick is the best, whenever i have a problem he gets on it and fixes it remotely. He never fails to not only meet but exceed all my expectations!
Albert C Grams
20 Oct 2020
thanks you are the best beyond words ❤
Jim Aiken
13 Oct 2020
Rick is really good at quickly diagnosing and repairing computers of all types (except Apple products). If you have a little time, ask Rick to talk to you about Jesus and His saving grace. He is very trustworthy & fair
Lynda Salina
07 Oct 2020
Richard is the best there is when it comes to computer knowledge. He is so helpful and always does a very good job getting my computer back to working properly. He is a faithful man of God and very honest and will do his best for you. I would not even think of going to anyone else!
C matthew Turner
06 Oct 2020
Just changed internet provider, had Richard do my yearly maintenance & check my setup. Always an asset for me.
Anyone in need of tec help, he is the best 5 Star.
Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.
06 Oct 2020
I have had a problem with two internet companies, and my bank, telling me there is suspicious activity coming from my computer. I tried getting help from two local shops and none of their work solved the problem. A friend suggested Richard, and he cleared the problem. And he also exposed one shop who was the source of the problem. And my computer now runs faster and better than the day I bought it! From now on, no one but Richard works on my computer! I highly recommend him, his workmanship, and his customer service are the best!
Jeff Chabot
01 Oct 2020
Extremely helpful and went out of his way to assist me.
Julie Diane Fields
01 Oct 2020
Awesome help and knowledge. Does an outstanding job .
Sandra Touw
30 Sep 2020
I wish there were more stars!!! Always helps me out and does a great job.
Highly recommended!!!
Shirley Dodd
30 Sep 2020
I am so truly blessed to have the help of a wonderful Christian man who is very patient with a 90 year old woman who has not had a lot of experience with computers. I cannot recommend him more highly.
Elva J
23 Sep 2020
Don't bother looking for anyone else. He is your go to guy. Computer par excellence! A faithful man of God who consistently demonstrates what it is to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Thank you for using your God-given knowledge and willingness to serve with a glad heart. Imagine if everyone labored the way you do. What a wonderful world this would be. Thank you again.
al grams
18 Sep 2020
We appreciate your time and expertise to unravel the mess on our computer, Your effort was well beyond expectations thank you for all your help,
Johnson and Johnson Hearing Aid Center
16 Sep 2020
Thank you for always being available & all your help.
Debra Shockley
09 Sep 2020
Such amazing folks....thank you Richard & Theresa for being such an amazing example of Christs love in all that you do!!!
09 Sep 2020
Amazing results in short period of time. Inspiron Core i5 laptop
Mike Hernandez
09 Sep 2020
Rick was very helpful and honest. Never a "salesman". Just truthful. Helped in more ways than he realizes.
Mike B
04 Sep 2020
Mr. Cunha gave me my start in the IT industry by letting me intern with him. His expertise in this field is as others have said and is second to none. I know him to be honest and his integrity is never in question. These days I know him as a christian man of God. None better.
Debbie Ratcliff
03 Sep 2020
WOW! I cant say enough great things about the service that Rick (Richard) at Comptu provided myself and my son regarding my son's computer. Rick took the time to explain in detail all of the components of the computer and make recommendations to make my son's computer work better. Rick is a wonderful example of a true Christian man. Very professional business. I will recommend his service to every person I know that may ever need computer work.
31 Aug 2020
Comptu was great to work with and helped me out.
Gary VanCouvering
31 Aug 2020
Rick consistently goes above and beyond in his work! I would recommend him to everyone!
Brian Martinez
19 Aug 2020
COMPTU has superb service and is definitely worth your time!
kyley floyd
12 Aug 2020
Mr. Cunha, Thank you so much for all that you have done with me today.. I enjoyed talking with you and with your help. You're kindness was very Generous of you! Once again thank you for all your help!!
Sabrina Alt
10 Aug 2020
thank you so much for your help!!! Couldn't have gotten thru the day without you!!
cindy davis
02 Aug 2020
Been using Comptu service for years and have had nothing but excellent service!
31 Jul 2020
So, after having two conversations with Richard about my son's PC, I took his expert advice and bought a new PCIe USB 4 Port card from my sons PC. I only paid $25 for it from Amazon and it shipped for free in 1 day. I installed it yesterday and guess what? Problem Solved!!!! Well, at least for now. Will eventually have to probably but a new PC but this works perfectly for now. Thanks Again Richard!!!
29 Jul 2020
Spoke to Richard over the phone twice. He was immensely helpful in determining the issue I was having with my son's computer. He is extremely knowledgeable, polite and professional. He is soooo good at explaining what this issue is or could be. I will strongly recommend him and his company to all of my family, friends and neighbors. Thanks Again Richard!!!
James Manues
20 Jul 2020
I am repeating myself, but your knowledge, speed of remedies for sick computers is beyond any Tech I've had the pleasure to know. Like everyone else, I'm in awe of what you can do, even though you do it everytime...fix things. And, best of all, I enjoy the stories you tell of what's in the Bible to give us all direction. Thank-you Sir Richard. Jim
Judee Wood
18 Jul 2020
You are most generous with your time and charges, it is truly appreciated.

I still can’t believe how you managed to do what you did yesterday…I was in awe of your tenacity, patience, deep knowledge and perserverance. I was exhausted just watching you work for such a long time. Hope Teresa kept your dinner on the back burner for you.

Enjoy a restful weekend and stay safe and well.

Peace and blessings back to you,

Nancy Alverson
18 Jul 2020
Thank you very much for helping me in a time of need. because your the best at what your do. your the only one I would trust with my computer needs. God Bless you and your family.
Robert Sasser
15 Jul 2020
Great work Richard, thanks for your assistance.
Aaron Wilcox
15 Jul 2020
Thank you for your assistance today. I love what God is doing through you. It was something listening in on your conversation with the telemarketer. I learned a valuable lesson from that. Now I offer something to you. You speak the truth with eloquence, an urgency and obviously in love. Please remember, any person denying the truth of which you speak, that is, the gospel message of Christ, is lost. You my brother, must always keep the faith. Never become totally disheartened with apparent unbelief with those that just don't get it, "yet." They may well come to the lord someday and will remember the words you spoke to them. Continue in the ministry with a glad heart. If only every Christian represented Christ like you, the church would not look so much like the world. Thanks for the suggestion on a new computer and also for you being so straight honest with me regarding my old computer. I doubt that other computer businesses would have been looking out for my needs as you obvious did. Nothing you did for me went unnoticed and it has been appreciated.
Clint & Phylicia
13 Jul 2020
Always appreciate your willingness to help!
10 Jul 2020
great job
Marlene Cathro
07 Jul 2020
That's you my dear Richard. What a Godly man you are never ashamed of whom you serve, Your Lord.
Marlene Cathro
07 Jul 2020
I love my dear sweet boy. What a wonderful man he is always promoting his Father.
Rob Cascioli
04 Jul 2020
You need more stars, five is not enough for this man. He is by far one of the most honest professional businessman I have had the pleasure to deal with. His integrity is top shelf.
Mary Chancellor
25 Jun 2020
I was referred to Richard by a mutual employee for our office computer and once I retired I continued to contact him for my personal computers. I think it has been approximately 7 years and he has not disappointed me. Great customer service and turn around response. If he can resolve a problem remotely, he will. Affordable for any job needed! Thank Richard.
Ron ivory
24 Jun 2020
Look no further! This guy is the one who will do the job right and will keep you informed at every step. I live in Florida and did a search for someone to help me with my computer. COMPTU came up and had incredible reviews. I contacted him before this Covid thing started just before the year began. He was patient, knowlegable and extremely friendly. He made everything clear especially how his business is run. His biblical knowledge is impressive but what was even more impressive was his ability to work on my computer and speak on matters involving theology. Very impressive skills of concentration, this man of God has. So you think I have over done the use of the word impressive? Call him. You'll see.
24 Jun 2020
Well Richard did it again. I spent days trying to fix my computer printer and in 10 minutes he solved my issue and also showed me how to download pictures from my camera to my computer.
Thanks very much.
dennis w nelson
22 Jun 2020
best ever
Arleen Jensen
16 Jun 2020
The best computer specialist to have!!!
14 Jun 2020
I still cannot believe that I called Richard for an appointment to look over my barely operating computer and 3 or 4 hours later it was faster than the day I brought it home. And neither Rick nor I ever left our chairs or our phones. The gentleman is a true man of GOD and serves both Him and his customers with the same philosophy. Richard was recommend by a friend and I will be passing on his name to anyone who needs computer work. Thanks for everything Richard. GOD bless.
Mindy Hoskins
13 Jun 2020
Rick gives unparalleled service with such patience. He is remarkable and trustworthy.
Nicholas Willess
11 Jun 2020
Rick has been such a help with both our business and personal computers. every chance I get I will be recommending people to him.
Rita Weeks
10 Jun 2020
Thank you Rick for your patience, kindness and instructions. You have made my computer life so much more easier. I am a computer challenged person, and your upgrading and modifying my laptop has made me feel quite competent. I look forward to working with you for years to come. God's Blessings.
Steven Kelman
09 Jun 2020
Awesome Experience!! Richard was professional, friendly, and really patient. He took the time to diagnose the problem with my computer and did an excellent job explaining things in a way that really made sense. I feel blessed to have met him, and relieved I can now go to someone who is honest, close to home, and will do a great job! Thank you again Richard! God Bless you!
30 May 2020
Richard is a very nice man. He worked the whole day on my computer while talking to me on the phone about the Bible, Jesus, God, salvation, the cross and the entire history of the sacrificial system. It was awesome. He is passionate about his faith and it comes out of him naturally like breathing. When he finished working on my computer, I asked him how much I owed him. He said there was no charge because my computer had no value and it would make no sense to charge me for the service. Then he explained to me that from our perspective, it made no sense for Jesus to pay the price for our sins at the cross but He did and that it was a free gift of God. Rick spent 9 and a half hours working on my obsolete computer. It was a free gift which gave new life to my old machine. When we were done, I felt a lot like that computer. I have been given New Life! I learned during our time together, just to listen and ask questions and simply listen. What a blessing. Thank you for what you do. You are definitely in a league of your own.
David Lake
22 May 2020
Finally! A man of God who says what he means and means what his says. This man knows a whole lot more than what he lets on. His business integrates a computer service with God's model for Christian life. One can't tell where one ends and the other begins. That is something very special and incredibly good! I also signed your other guestbook at
John Osorno
21 May 2020
Excellent Service! Went over and beyond to help me fix my laptop! Thanks Richard!
Rickeylynne Terwilliger
14 May 2020
We have been using Richard's services for several years now, he is the BEST!
Noel Armstrong
11 May 2020
Richard is aces in my book. I explained the situation, he listened and commented without criticism. He explained the problem, what he might have to do to fix it, and then did. When I picked up my laptop, he walked me through some important processes that I should follow in order to minimize future risk. He is passionate, compassionate, understanding and willing to give guidance and advice. He is my go to guy for future maintenance and repairs. Thank you Richard for ALL you did for me. I highly recommend him to anyone needing computer services.
Fabrizio Villalobos
05 May 2020
Rich is a great person, I explained the problem that I have with my laptop which was damaged in a car accident, he walked me on the accessories on my surface pro and what would be the next step, Thank you
Afeez Badmos
09 Apr 2020
Richard was extremely helpful. I needed to buy a DVI cable but all major stores do not stock them anylonger. Richard had ONLY one and he GAVE it to me for FREE.
Thank you Richard.
God bless you.
Jene Carlisle
07 Apr 2020
Joe & Dorothy Washle
17 Mar 2020
We are so grateful for Richard's expertise! He is knowledgeable, kind and thorough.
Definitely a 5-star job!
10 Mar 2020
I was so moved today by our conversation regarding Jesus Christ, you let me understand that I don't have to feel guilt if I don't confess in front of a priest, I've always felt if Jesus Christ is the one who is forgiving me then I'm forgiven because I confessed to him. Thank you so much for the great work you do on my computers and also for the Lord.
Sandy Cima
09 Mar 2020
Richard is the expert of computers, he is very patient and knowledgeable. I very much valued his time and proficiency. He was able to work remotely on my computer, which makes it so convenient.I highly recommend his services. Thank you Richard.
Lyn Morrissette
22 Jan 2020
Thanks for all your work on upgrading my computer! Things look a little different, sure I will catch on. Thanks again!
03 Jan 2020
Great, timely, and cost effective service from a fellow brother in Christ.
Edward a Budrovic
22 Dec 2019
Richard is a brilliant man on many subjects. He has been taking care of my computer issues for around 15 years. As a brother in Christ he has been there with much wisdom through my spiritual valleys. Love you brother.
Sandra L Avery
18 Dec 2019
Richard is my second life savior (Jesus is the first). He is such a blessing, always takes the best care of my computer. A genius! Thank you Richard for all you do for me. Blessings and Joy, Sandy
John marman
11 Dec 2019
Thank you Rick for changing me over to windows 10 and cleaning up my computer.It's a joy having such a great computer technician. Working very well. Have a blessed day, John Marman
Karen Anderson
11 Dec 2019
Richard, here is a P.S. to my last comment: You are really proficient at what you do!!! You advised me which laptop to purchase, I purchased it, and since you set it up to my absolute liking, I have not had one issue with it since purchasing. You know what you are doing and that is such a gift for someone like me that can navigate and understand what I am doing with various applications, however, when it comes to knowing the necessary things to do to keep my computer running smoothly, you are the man behind a smooth-running machine! I appreciate your efforts and working efficiently to keep me from needing a repair technician. :) Karen
Karen Anderson
11 Dec 2019

It was a pleasure speaking to you today, Dec. 12, 2019. You make sense and always have given me excellent advice to help equip me with the knowledge needed to remain safe while using the internet, changing and updating computer-related information from software to passwords, and always help me navigate to the exact place I need to go to perform my required tasks. Thank you!! Also, not surprising, your website was simple to view and navigate through (unlike many), and I like the color blue you have selected with a white background--simple, clean, and easy to get to in order to do what I needed to do on your site. Take care. Karen
11 Dec 2019
Always more than pleasant and patient with me. Saved me in more ways I can probably count. Talked to me about salvation while fixing my computer over the internet. He is an extremely nice man who really cares about people and I am thankful to have found him. Thank you Rick. You are a lifesaver.
Kevin O'Leary
03 Dec 2019
Always responsive and able to solve the most complicated issues quickly. Richard Cunha Is the Tech guru!
walter granath
26 Nov 2019
Rick did it again ( 3rd time 4 me) he is great lots of help & info thanks Rick. walter granath
B Way
25 Nov 2019
Richard has worked on my many different computers over the last 12 years and never has he disappointed me. No matter what or how bad I screw up my computer Richard is always ready to repair the damage that I do to it. Clearly he's one smart guy who is willing to share his knowledge walking me through each of my mistakes so I understand how not to do it the next time. Thanks Richard.
Bob Clow
19 Nov 2019
Fantastic guy, could not be any better or smarter, or nicer.

Carlos Nava
31 Oct 2019
Richard, as usual although you were taking a few days off with your family you still responded to my call for help. My apologies my friend as I was unaware you were taking some much deserved time off and now I notice the new computer lost some of my contacts, like your Comptu contact number. And in your gentle ways and manner you did not reproach me but instead instructed me on how to proceed. I can not tell you how much I appreciate your tactful response.
Jon Darling
16 Oct 2019
Rick is extremely knowledgeable and always spends as much time as needed to fix all problems and answer all questions. Been going to him for 10 plus years and will continue to do so.
14 Oct 2019
This is the second time Richard has saved my computers!! This last time my computer was hacked and he not only fixed it but it is faster and safer than before!!! He is honest, knowledgeable, and his work is unbeatable!!!! Thank you so much Richard, I will be sending all my friends and family your way!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Patton Eidson
10 Oct 2019
Rick is a marvel with a heart of gold and he really knows computers. Did a wonderful job for me AND
put me on his prayer list. What a great day for me.
Ron Lach
04 Oct 2019
Rick has kept my computer running smoothly for the last 10 years. I have yet to have a problem that he couldn't solve and fix, and I have had some really big ones! He has also offered some great advice for my spiritual walk which I greatly appreciate. I'm so grateful that we have crossed paths.
Stephen Ziu
04 Oct 2019
One of our LORDS disciples who is always there to correct system errors on my computer that in most cases I have unknowingly created. Many thanks for you help. You are a Master in Computers; both hardware and software. I pray for good health and living a very, very old age.
Steve Scheidemantle
03 Oct 2019
All I can say is Wow. Rick is the man when it comes to fixing computers. Got his number from a good friend of mine and thank goodness I did. My computer went down in the morning and I gave Rick a call. I brought my computer over to him that morning and he got right on it. He had my computer fixed the next day. And wow not only was it fixed, it was done right. He explained to me that it wasn't even done correctly from the manufacturer. If anyone out there needs their computer fixed I wouldn't go to anybody else but Rick. Not only is he a computer expert he is the nicest person you'll meet and extremely knowledgeable. And if you're wondering how long he's been doing this - 38 years. In my book that speaks volumes. Thank you again Rick for an amazing job.
Felicia Beeman
02 Oct 2019
Rick has helped me so much with all my computer needs through undergrad and through medical school! I'm so grateful for all that he has done for me! He goes above and beyond to help his customers with all of their technological needs.
Maxine Belle Barton-Bauman
01 Oct 2019
Richard is an outstanding resource for all your computer needs.
Curt Schneider
28 Sep 2019
Rich you're right I love it. You're the BEST !!
27 Sep 2019
Very helpful. He knows his stuff
Pam Lach
27 Sep 2019
Thank YOU Rick for keeping my computer in GREAT running condition. You always solve any problem and I really appreciate your attentiveness to whatever I need. It amazes me your knowledge of computers! Thanks again! Pam
Carol Strong
23 Sep 2019
Thank you for taking my call. You are the nicest man I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with over the phone. Thank you for sharing your faith with me and thank you for answering my questions regarding the bible. You are unlike anyone else I have known especially with the way you run your business. Too bad it isn't the norm.
Jan Webb
20 Sep 2019
Richard is always there when he is needed. Excellent service and the things he can do are amazing!!
Greg Becker
19 Sep 2019
Great service with a personal touch. Always there to help me.
Ellen D.
10 Sep 2019
You are a very nice man who showed me nothing but kindness and great patience as you cleaned those very nasty things out of my computer. Thank you for sharing Jesus with me and answering what I thought were hard if not just pesky questions which I had. Obviously you are gifted in many areas and it shows. Thank you again. Ellen.
Colette Cort
10 Sep 2019
Very helpful.
Carlos Nava
27 Aug 2019
Rick is a gentleman in every sense of the word. He never gives me the impression that he is too busy to help me with what ever issue I have with my computer. His generosity with his time, knowledge and patience seems bottomless. He is never too busy to help me regardless of how insignificant it may be. Rick knows that my computer knowledge is only that of a beginner but he never makes me feel inadequate or inferior. I have a deep appreciation for his knowledge and his discretion. He is a man of God! God bless you Rick.
Patti Hosking
27 Aug 2019
Richard is not only knowledgeable and capable, but he explains things simply as you go so you understand it! Impeccable care and service. We really appreciate his oversight for our technical well being. My husband owns his own business and I work as an independent contractor, so down time means we are not making money. Richard is readily available and solves all the issues we encounter quickly. Great customer service, and very affordable rates.
Joseph Beeman
16 Aug 2019
Rick is absolutely the best! No matter how busy he is helping others with their computers, he always takes the time to help me! Rick is a man of high moral character and always looks out for my family's best interests. He is highly knowledgeable. I would not trust my computers with anyone else!
Palma Johnson
10 Aug 2019
you are amazing......................!
Erin Abel
08 Aug 2019
Thank you for all you do. My computers never ran so well. Thank you for the biblical model in the way COMPTU runs. You are a credit to your profession. Your ability to quote scripture, minister to people (like me for example) and service computers all at the same time boggles my mind. All that said, I recognize the truth when I hear it and that is what I got from you. You are definitely gifted.
07 Aug 2019
Wish I could give rick 100 stars. He is amazing and gets the job done correct and FAST! Awesome service
Lynda M
06 Aug 2019
And yet again Rick came thru for me. He fixed my laptop in under a minute. We are both very happy! Thanks Rick
c matthew turner
05 Aug 2019
When in doubt or like me, in over my head I Always call the Wizard. Rick is a most knowledgeable & fair individual when it comes to fixing & updating Computers. As a side note, he is a very nice Gentleman.
Lana Jenkin
29 Jul 2019
Was soooo helpful setting up a new e-mail address and moving things over to it from an existing one that no longer worked. I am not computer savy so he was extra patient with me. Highly recommend his services.

Bob Mc Knight
25 Jul 2019
Thanks for being my friend for so many years.

I greatly appreciate the professional help that you gave me that has enabled me to assist Christian workers
here in the USA and India and China,

Thanks for the recent advice on how to best set up a brand new computer making it more user friendly for old users.

Thanks again for your many kindnesses. Someday I might be able to settle down in one area permanently and I
will ask your help setting up a new desktop computer. Alas the last one we set up came to an unknown tragic end
after Suzanne's parents died. I really do not know what happened to it ... it just vanished.

I will probably be on WCNO AM radio again this weekend. My pastor here is in very poor health and I have been
asked to be involved in the broadcast that they have done for 25+ years. Last time I talked about John 3 and being
saved. I finished with a few comments on Mark 1 after reading it. This week I may spend more time in Mark 1.

Rejoicing in Christ, Bob
Kevin anderson
19 Jul 2019
You are the most patient man I know. Thank you for your time, your advice and your expertise. We ought to call you the Bible answer man. Thanks again.
W. Henson
17 Jul 2019
Rick, has been our only computer guru period. This will continue because we know nothing about computers and he is patient enough to not make us feel that way.
Cindy Davis
15 Jul 2019
Rick is the best and most knowledgeable computer tech I have ever worked with. He has serviced my computer for years now. He is always ready to help! I highly recommend him!
10 Jul 2019
What an extremely nice man. Rick was kind, thoughtful and very patient with me. I called him after his business already closed for the day but he heard my message and the panic in my voice and answered the phone for me. I came really close to letting some very nasty man foul up my computer but Rick stopped me and told me what to do. Rick then came into my computer knocked the other guy out and fixed my computer for me. He didn't charge me anything and then asked me where my home church was. We talked for a bit and he answered a number of questions for me which I always wanted to ask about Christians, church, Jesus and some things in the bible that didn't make sense to me which were being taught in the church. He answered each question in such an easily understandable way and it all makes perfect sense now. I'm 73 years old and have learned more in an hour with Rick than I learned after 65 years in a Catholic Church. Thank you Rick.
04 Jul 2019
Richard Has Worked On My Laptops For Years His Work Is A#1 And What A Nice Man He Is.
Lyn Morrissette
27 Jun 2019
I have been having my computers worked on by Rich for many years now. I am 80 years old with no computer lessons. He has helped me with such patience. I recently bought a very inexpensive laptop and He just spent 3 hours getting my Youtube acct. to work. I would reccomend him to anyone needing help with their computer needs. He will work on it until he gets it working! Thankyou Rich, You are the best! Lyn
Janice anderson
27 Jun 2019
You are amazing! I would refer you to anyone who needs a bright computer guy who is very knowledgeable about God and computers. I wish you only the best in life Rick! Keep up the good work you do. Love you bro!
Grace Rosenberger
26 Jun 2019
I honestly cannot not say enough about the service, integrity, character, kindness and ethics of Rick, the owner and technician. I learned so much on top of him repairing my computer. His prices are very fair and he helped me right away and my computer is running beautifully and perfectly now. Thank you so much Rick. You will be the only person I refer to clients, family and friends.
Jessi Ruyle
26 Jun 2019
Thank you for all your help.
Daryl White
25 Jun 2019
I've never known anyone like you. You are really great and amazing. You explain things that I could never understand before about the bible, God and the characters in it. It all comes alive when you talked to me. Thank you. It means more to me now than before. Your computer work is brilliant and far beyond anything I expected. Thank you for that too.
Rich smith
23 Jun 2019
Standing in the gap ...
Steve Johnson
21 Jun 2019
I found your website in my favorites and I suddenly realized I needed to contact you. I don't know if you remember me (it was 5 years ago) but I was the guy who was served divorce papers a few minutes after my computers both decided to not work. I called you and you said that you believed there was more going on than the computers going dead. You told me you would take care of me as soon as I could get there. I went to your office and stayed for the day. You amazed me with how everything seemed to come so easily to you but I don't think I told you. I vividly remember you working on 3 computers on your bench as well as my two computers; and, you were controlling two computers out of state remotely; you were answering the phones and you helped me through what was the hardest day of my life. I take it that this was your typical day?

If you are still working like you were then, buddy, take some time off before you work yourself into an early grave. Please. You are an immeasurable resource I don't think anyone wants to do without.

Now my good news: Long story short. I did as you said and my wife and I are back together. It has been nearly five years since you ministered to me which ultimately led to me surrendering to Christ. My wife wanted what I had just as I wanted what you had. The end result is that we are saved and no divorce! The kids, my wife and I attend a Baptist church together here in Texas (yep, we moved out of California a couple of years ago) ...
Donald W.
21 Jun 2019
Your counsel has been invaluable. Your perspective on things has been a blessing and I thank you for everything you have done. Your ministering to each of us and your awesome work done on our network have been absolutely perfect and we are each greatly benefitted. Thank you for your patience and wisdom.
Phil Scalzo
19 Jun 2019
I've known Richard for many years and he is the most knowledgeable computer person I have ever Known.
Your knowledge is only surpassed by your work ethic and treatment of people. Thank you Richard.
Christina Fatseas
14 Jun 2019
I am so thankful for Richard Cunha! He has always helped us out of sticky situations with our computer issues. He not only gets us up and running, but supplies us with added features in software that he knows will help us along in the future computer use. I am so grateful for him. Another thing I would like to mention is his 'bedside manner'. He has the ability to answer questions for me before I even have the chance to ask! It's uncanny. He TRULY is a genuine man who only wants to help and serve others, and the Lord. Thank you so very much. Christina Fatseas
Christina Clark
11 Jun 2019
I just want to say thank you Rick for fixing my computer! It's actually fun to work on now and my husband couldn't be happier! It was always such a chore even just starting it, let alone actually doing work. So thank you again for your time and patience! I will be coming in annually for all of our computers.
Bonnie Dubbs
30 May 2019
Thank you for taking my call after hours and helping me with my computer.
Sherry Reiter
29 May 2019
For over two decades the only person I let near my computer is Rick Cuhna. And that will be the way it will be forever!!!
Kristina Mills
29 May 2019

Thank you for all the encouragement and prayers over the years. We and our business have been blessed because of it.
Don Roth
28 May 2019
Thank you so much for helping me. At 75, I am not the tech whiz I was when I was a younger man.
Raymond Aston
28 May 2019
I have only one question. Why aren't you in front of a congregation preaching the word? I know what I hear from you is dead on and speaks to my heart. Thank you for the services you render - all of the services and I don't just mean my computers. You are quite a rarety in this day and age. Keep it up no matter what. And, I affirm what I have read about you. Thanks again.
Susan Lockhart
22 May 2019
Richard has been saving my computers for 8 to 10 years! He is truly a genius. Richard spends so much time teaching me how to use my computer and programs. He is extremely kind, thoughtful, PATIENT, knowledgeable, honest. Richard, a devout Christian, is such an inspiration to me on my own walk. I highly recommend Richard.
Bruce Bonde
22 May 2019
Thanks for working on chucks computer, you are always a great help
Barbara Rogers
21 May 2019
Thank you Rick for the many times you resolved our computer problems! You are the best!
Terrence J
21 May 2019
I met Rick over the phone as I helped him with his church's phone line issues. His patience over the amount of time he must have waited was extraordinary. I handle many calls every day but speaking with Rick was special and unique. He clearly was more interested in me as a person and in my faith than anything else. He knew I had understood the issues he was having at his church and so I would put him on hold and come back and check on him occasionally. Every time I came back, he introduced something knew for me to think about. This made our conversation memorable to me. This was definitely a first for me. I know that Rick is an instrument of God who spoke to my heart on that day. I can not speak as to his computer business, but I can speak to his sincerity and his willingness to proclaim the Gospel message and all of the truths found in the Bible. I was compelled to go to his site and write this down after speaking with him. I had lost his website information. I mentioned this to a co-worker who told me she had it written down too because he had spoken to her as well and was also moved. Even though it has been weeks since we spoke, my coworker and I are still speaking about him. Rick introduced me to Jesus and I want everyone to know about Jesus too. Thank you for sharing your sites (this one and Between those two sites, every question I had was answered. Thank you Rick. You are a good man and it has been a very special pleasure speaking with you.
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