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Published by in Christian Living · 22 August 2018
Tags: Vulnerable
There are certain realities we all must face. One may be more imprtant than another but in the end, we all must face reality like a cold splash of water to the face. One of the most difficult things to wrap one's brain around is the reality that evil exists. Oh sure, we know of those who have commited some of the most vile atrocities known to man like an Adolf Hitler or a Stalin. But, there are even more out there today that are unknown by any name than there has ever been thoughout all time.

These evil people seek to steel from you, kill your reputation and destroy your livelihood. Why? It should be enough to know that they simply exist to do what they do. Do not try to get into their heads to figure out what makes them tick. That would be a waste of energy.

I'd like for you to think more along the lines of what Satan does. He roams about the world from corner to corner roaring like a lion looking for someone to devour. Who is he? He is the enemy. What is his purpose? He comes to kill, steel and destroy. All who serve him, do exactly that. Any questions?

So, the next time you are hit by some rogueware which attacks your system and when it feels like you have been violated, keep it in perspective. You have been violated by one who serves the prince of darkness, the father of all lies but he is one who is already a defeated foe. Keep that perspective above all else. He lashes out trying to get you to lose your perspective and break your focus. He wants you to be afraid.

Remember, we are commanded not to fear 365 times in the Bible.  That's every single day all year long we are commanded not to fear. Something like that should not be ignored. It is obviously very important if it is commanded of us not to fear so many times in Scripture.

Never forget, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, to the Glory of the Father.

Please give yourself this opportunity. I will not judge you in any way. I will however work to shed light and help to illuminate the answers you may have been seeking all along but could not bring yourself to the point of accepting the way things are meant to be. Please visit our other site which addresses many issues via experts debating each other over all of the various issues keeping you from the Truth. There you will find many resources to assist you in your relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. (  

Be blessed in His name,
Richard Cunha

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