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Published by in Christian Living · 8 August 2018
Tags: Maintenance
I have been in the computer industry for a great many years and I have seen much. I have serviced countless computers over these same years and have decided to condense what I believe is a great threat not only to computers but also individuals and families.

Computers pick up viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, adware, spyware, rogueware and other types of malicious and security related infiltrations. Bad guys exist to do bad things and they are very good at what they do. So, please don't make it easy for them. Yearly computer maintenance can make the difference between a slow computer revealing private information to strangers and a fast secure computer awaiting your commands to be of service - ready to benefit its user.

Just as all computers should have at the very least a yearly maintenance, we should give ourselves a routine maintenance as well. Here is but an example and you will see how these are related:

Just as computers are capable of picking up bad things which reduce them much of the time to mere paperweights, we too may be impacted adversely. For example, all pornographic websites are malicious. Just by going to one of these types of sites you risk getting a drive-by download of some kind of malicious threat. So, don't go to any of those sites. If you find that you are unable to tear yourself away from such sites, then there is indeed an issue which must be resolved. Time for some self maintenance and check ourselves as to what the issue is, why it is happening and how to resolve it.

The solution to this problem and all problems is simple. His name is Jesus. Confess all of your sins to Him and tell Him He is right about you and ask for forgiveness. Ask Him for the power to repent (turn away) from your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Ask Him to remove the addiction and the temptation to go to such sites and then Honor and Glorify Him for His faithfulness in addressing your issues. You do this by spreading the word of what it is He has done in your life thus giving credit to God.

These statistics should be a concern for everyone and this is a copy and paste from where these stats are published on the Webroot Website:

General pornography stats
  • Every second 28,258 users are watching pornography on the internet
  • Every second $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography on the internet
  • Every second 372 people are typing the word "adult" into search engines
  • 40 million American people regularly visit porn sites
  • 35% of all internet downloads are related to pornography
  • 25% of all search engine queries are related to pornography, or about 68 million search queries a day
  • One third of porn viewers are women
  • Search engines get 116,000 queries every day related to child pornography
  • 34% of internet users have experienced unwanted exposure to pornographic content through ads, pop up ads, misdirected links or emails
  • 2.5 billion emails sent or received every day contain porn
  • Every 39 minutes a new pornography video is being created in the United States
  • About 200,000 Americans are “porn addicts”
Youth pornography stats
  • Teenagers with frequent exposure to sexual content on TV have a substantially greater likelihood of teenage pregnancy; and the likelihood of teen pregnancy was twice as high when the quantity of sexual content exposure within the viewing episodes was highviii.
  • Pornography viewing by teens disorients them during the developmental phase when they have to learn how to handle their sexuality and when they are most vulnerable to uncertainty about their sexual beliefs and moral valuesix
  • A significant relationship also exists among teens between frequent pornography use and feelings of loneliness, including major depressionx
  • Adolescents exposed to high levels of pornography have lower levels of sexual self-esteemxi
Family/Marital pornography stats
  • According to National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families, 2010, 47% of families in the United States reported that pornography is a problem in their homexii.
  • Pornography use increases the marital infidelity rate by more than 300%xiii
  • 40 percent of “sex addicts” lose their spouses, 58 percent suffer considerable financial losses, and about a third lose their jobsxiv
  • 68% of divorce cases involve one party meeting a new paramour over the internet while 56% involve one party having an “obsessive interest” in pornographic websitesxv

iIn February 2010, the number of people using a work computer to visit sexually oriented website was as high as 28%, according to research conducted by The Nielsen Company. The average visit to a pornography site from a work computer was about 13 minutes, and the average worker spent one hour and 38 minutes on such sites during that month.

If we leverage data extracted on: March 30, 2012, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics we can use their average hourly earnings of $23.23 multiplied by 1hr.38min = a loss of ~$38/month per employee watching pornography at work. Multiplying the monthly total by 12 months shows a loss of $456 dollars each year from every employee that views pornography.

The number of U.S. employees reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of March 30th, 2012 was 132 million. If we divide this to represent 28% of employees using a work computer to visit pornographic sites up to ~37million employees viewing pornography. (There are many ways to pare down this number, for example by excluding some labor categories, but for the sake of the exercise we’re keeping it simple).

Thus, if 37 million employees are viewing the average amount of pornography cited by the Nielsen Company, the annual productivity loss to companies is a staggering $16.9 Billion dollars.

Please read my blog on Temptations in this Life. I pray that it may be of service.

Please give yourself this opportunity. I will not judge you in any way. I will however work to shed light and help to illuminate the answers you may have been seeking all along but could not bring yourself to the point of accepting the way things are meant to be. Please visit our other site which addresses many issues via experts debating each other over all of the various issues keeping you from the Truth. There you will find many resources to assist you in your relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. (  

God bless you,

Richard Cunha

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