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Living Out the Gospel

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Published by in Christian Living · 22 March 2018
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As a small business owner, I must speak with and serve many hundreds of people throughout the year. Many have been a bit rough around the edges while others have been uplifting and gracious. I have seen and have been a part of many lives in some way, shape or form.  As I live out the Gospel message in my life, I recognize the importance of speaking with my Lord first and most importantly, I understand that it is truly Him that I am serving no matter in what capacity I may be serving.

I have found that people can sometimes bring out the worst in people.  I have also found that God brings out the best in me.  I choose to allow the latter.  Knowing that I can do nothing apart from my Lord brings about a sense of comfort and security.  This is something I can rest in knowing and have the assuredness of His Word to support me.
As a believer in my risen Lord who is my Savior, I rely upon His Truths – His commands – in Him I rely, to lead me where I must go and to do according to His will.  This means how I behave in my life with my wife and son as well as with the stranger on the street; whether I am servicing computers in my office or remotely controlling computers through the Internet; whether I am serving at our church or buying groceries at the store or writing an email or talking with someone on the phone.  I know that whatever I do, I will work at it with all my heart because I know it is the Lord Jesus Christ that I am actually serving, not men.  He has giving me new life though His sacrifice upon the cross – being sinless He bore my sins.  He died and rose on the third day proving He was God.  This is the single most important event that has ever happened or will ever happen.

These truths mean I can be compassionate and understanding with my fellow man and may empathize with the person who has suffered at the hands of some unscrupulous person.  It is a part of the way things must go in this fallen world.  But there is hope. Jesus has overcome this world.

As a Christian, why wouldn’t I share this message.  In fact, as a Christian, I am commanded to share this Good News (Gospel).  My life is no longer my life, it is His.  My work is no longer my work, I’m in His service.  My ministering isn’t me ministering, it is the Holy Spirit who dwells in me to do as He asks of me.

Now, you may understand my business more clearly.  It isn’t my business at all, it’s the Lord’s.  We therefore give honor and praise to Him first and foremost because He is God – worthy of ALL praise and honor.  Since there is not a thing which exists that He did not bring into existence, I know that everything Must begin with Him and not with me or mine or even you.  All of creation is His and He has lovingly allowed me to serve Him as a minister of His Holy Word, a loving and faithful husband and father; a soldier, a teacher, a friend, a confidant and yes, a computer guy.

My cup is overflowing.  I am indeed blessed and highly favored.

God bless you.

Richard Cunha

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