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Known and Unknown

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Published by in Christian Living · 7 December 2018
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I remember a number of years back when my mom and I were talking about my future in the computer industry. I distinctly remember telling her that I knew everything about my industry. Did I mention that my arrogance was the stuff of legend? Sure, people would say, “don’t be a Rick,” when someone was being a know-it-all. It may surprise you to find out that I actually look back on those days with a sense of fondness. That is because I now know so much more than I thought I knew back then. It is the appreciation of the wealth of knowledge which is always ongoing and from time to time, it captivates me. Only one word comes to mind and that is thankfulness. This is probably not the word you would have come up with but let's just try something here.

Let me ask you a question. Out of your vast years of experience both through the educational systems of varying degrees to the school of life, do you think you have obtained .00001% of the totality of accumulated knowable knowledge in the world? If the answer is yes, then let me add some information. Did you know that while you are surfing the world wide web, you are actually using only about 4% of the public Internet? That’s right 4%. Most people are unaware that only 4% of the Internet is publicly searchable, the other 96% is closed off, and is made up of the Deep Web, and the Dark Web.  I’m thinking you didn’t know this.  Are you a bit surprised?
(The following is an excerpt from Network Box, In the Boxing Ring, December, 2018)

The Deep Web is the place where companies and people choose to remain hidden by not allowing for their data to be publicly discoverable. There is really nothing wrong with this at all. The Dark Web, however, is another story. The Dark Web is the deliberately hidden part of the world wide web, which cannot be accessed without specialist knowledge, and specific software tools. This is the place where hackers call home.

While not everything that happens on the Dark Web is criminal in nature; without any doubt, almost everything that is criminal, and happening online, is happening on the Dark Web. Drugs. Sex. Firearms. Even murder for hire. If people are willing to pay, then it can almost certainly be found, somewhere on the Dark Web.

Whenever a major hack is carried out somewhere, typically resulting in a massive data breach, that personal data usually ends up on the Dark Web. There are currently over 5.6 billion sets of hacked credentials already posted, and the number is growing fast. In the last few weeks alone, Cathay Pacific, American Express, HSBC, and Marriott, have announced successful attacks against their networks, resulting in huge numbers of their clients having their information stolen.

Full Names, Birthdates, Mobile Phone Numbers, Physical Addresses, Bank Account Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, ID Card Numbers, Passport Numbers, Medical Records, Travel Itineraries, Children’s Information, Personal Photos and Videos; as more and more people become repeat victims of such third-party breaches, the ability of hackers to splice each person’s data into a comprehensive digital identity that can be used for high quality identity theft, grows. While it is very hard to track people by name – think how many ‘John Smiths’ there are in the world – it is easy to track people by their email address. By definition, there is (usually) only one person using each email address. That is why when you want to reset your password, as an example, most websites offer to email you a clickable link to do so.

(End of excerpt)
Did you all learn something from this that you absolutely had no clue about to begin with? That was only the Internet which is a tool which is most likely used by all of you every single day. You may have grown up with it. Yet only 4% of it you have ever been able to search on and you likely didn't know it.

Let’s take this lesson a bit further. If you think you understand the way of things and believe there is no God, kindly go back to my original question and think again. You may discover that God is in that 99.9999% area of that which you know absolutely nothing... Yet.

The beginning of Psalm 14:1 reads, the fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

Please don’t be foolishly arrogant in thinking you know it all and that you understand the way of things and in the end there is simply no room for believing in Jesus. If you admit that you learned something new here today about the Internet which you thought you had a pretty good understanding, there is hope.

When you come to the saving Grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, you too will have the same word in mind as I... Thankfulness.

Do you have questions? Ask me and I’ll see if I might point you in the right direction.

Please visit our other site which addresses many issues via experts debating each other over all of the various issues keeping you from the Truth. There you will find many resources to assist you in your relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. (  

God bless you.

Rick Cunha

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