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Published by Richard Cunha in Christian Living · 11 August 2018
Tags: Immunity
What do you think of when I say immunity? In the anatomy or the human physical realm, being immune to a disease is a really great thing because it prevents the disease from running rampant on a person. By that matter, being immunized makes it impossible for the disease to even take root in person. Did you know it is possible to immunize your computer from many bad websites?  It's true.

Eventhough I know how to immunize computers from many website infections, I am not immune to the onslaught of attacks by those who seek to hurt others. For example, my email address was recently discovered on the dark web. My accounts have been attacked many times over the course of the year.

Well, Christians probably know where I am going with this but to be clear, our Lord said, "if the world hates you, remember, it hated me first." The world is in a state of constantly attacking for money, fame, spite, etc. In the computer industry, it's no different as I mentioned a moment ago. But to immunize yourself should go beyond the computer only. Immunize yourself spiritually by remembering who you are in Christ first. Being in the Word daily is like being on the best vitamin regimen possible.

So, while I deal with your computer immunization, be sure you take your vitamins while never forgetting who you are in Christ. Just as a reminder, you are a child of God - princes and princesses of the living God most high. Never forget that and behave accordingly.

Short and sweet message for you, in love.

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God bless you,

Richard Cunha

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