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COMPTU, Computer Technical Support & ConsultingComputer Technical Support and ConsultingComputer Technical Support and ConsultingComputer Technical Support and Consulting
This Company is owner operated
and by the grace of God
maintained by Richard Cunha

Need to contact us?  
Try to contact us HERE.
Type in your name, email address
and message then click send.
Check your email.

We may be able to address your problem
quickly and easily right now.
COMPTU, strives to handle all of your
computer technical support needs.
We troubleshoot, diagnose, consult, build
and repair systems.

We handle security needs.
We remove malware of all kinds
including adware, spyware,
Trojan Horses, viruses and worms.

We desire to honor God by living out
the Gospel in our hearts, minds,
actions, and our very lives by:
Proclaiming the Gospel consistently
and fervently without hesitation or fear
by presenting it without reservation;
and, continually building up the
body of Christ thus
preserving the Gospel
from generation to generation.

We will always strive to do our very best
to resolve computer issues
to the satisfaction of
God and to the client.

When we perform computer services
for our clientele, we understand
that it is the Lord Jesus Christ
that we actually serve, not man,
and therefore work at it with all our heart.

When you hire COMPTU for a service,
let it be known that you are
hiring a Christian who is not ashamed of
the Gospel; who openly
expresses the Christian faith
by the Word and by deed.  

We know that we owe everything
to God and are not afraid
to share that with anyone.

Let us service your computer
and you will get more than just a
repaired machine. You will
not be disappointed and may
very well find something you have been
seeking all along but simply didn't know it.

"To God be the glory,
great things He hath done,
so loved He the world
that He gave us His Son,
who yielded His life
our redemption to win,
and opened the life-gate
that all may go in.
Praise the Lord!"
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